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Lavington Security Ltd is made up of several highly experienced industry professionals, each dedicated to delivering a wide range of world-class security services that are sure to leave you feeling safe and protected. Each member of our professional security personnel has been vetted to ensure we provide you with the best possible protection.

We have been committed to providing high-calibre security services throughout the country. Our high focus on customer care means we deliver a highly flexible service tailored sure to meet your unique needs and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, personalized, affordable and Customer delighting integrated Security Solutions, while creating a sustainable market position made up of Individuals, Institutions and Corporate organizations nationally and internationally and seeking to give a reasonable return to the stakeholders through fair and just commercial practices.

Our Vision

To become the Security Firm of choice through a Customer Care Culture directed towards satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Honesty, Reliability and service with dignity

Our Pledge

We pledge as a company to give our customers value for money in terms of the services we are disposed to give. We also wish to notify you that this is a challenging and maiden security undertaking that will require co-operation and understanding from both parties. Together, with constant consultation, we believe that we shall build a lasting relationship that will be envied by other players in the security industry. Besides, continuous research on better security measures will be part and parcel of security measures to you our esteemed client

We promise to:

  • Establish and build strong relationships with our clients through excellent service and communication.
  • Provide exceptional Customer Care which indeed is our hallmark and service signature.
  • Bring to our clients, professionally trained Security Personnel, all having received the Qualification prior to being trained specifically for the assignment they are selected for.
  • Constantly review our business Strategy so as to flourish in this current financial climate which in turn benefits our clients.

Our Policy

Security Guards UK do not discriminate against:

  • Age or Sex
  • Disability
  • Race or Religion
  • Colour

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Managing Director
Mr. Pius K. Chelimo - Managing Director (MD)

The Executive Management

  • Managing Director                
  • Director                    

Finance & Accounts Department

  • Finance Manager                
  • Accountant                   
  • Assistant Accountant                
  • Credit Controllers                
  • Payroll Clerk                   

Operations Department

  • Chief Manager Operations           
  • Chief Manager Business Development &
  • Corporate Affairs.               
  • Manager Security Support Services        
  • Operations Managers                
  • Asst. Manager Security Support Services        
  • Senior Operations Supervisors           
  • Communications Controllers            
  • Regional Security Co-ordinators            
  • Regional Security Assistants            
  • HQs Security Supervisors            
  • Electronic & Electrical Technicians       
  • Security Guards                    
Mr. J. K. Telo - Director

HR/Administration Department

  • Human Resources Manager           
  • Executive Secretary                
  • HR Officer                    
  • Purchasing Officer                
  • Training Officer                   
  • Deployment Officer               
  • Receptionist                    
  • Storekeeper                    
  • Tea Girl                    
  • Cleaners                    
  • Mail Runner                    

Fleet Management

  • Transport & Fleet Officer            
  • Senior Mechanics                
  • Mechanics                    
  • Drivers   

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We have an existing Central Operations Centre at the Corporate Headquarters where all security activities are monitored on a 24/7 basis throughout the year.  This is realized by use of 2-way VHF & HF Radio Communications Systems, Mobile Telephones between the headquarters and Regional Operations Centres.   Our clients are assured of consistent and reliable delivery of security services through the extensive infrastructure, communications network, qualified and dedicated personnel.


  • Utility Vehicles - For response operations and Backup
  • Utility Motor Bikes - For Security Supervision
  • Bicycles - Used by Security Guards
  • Dogs - Used to guard offices and residential assignments
  • HF & VHF Communications Systems - Backed by a fully pledged Communications
  • Control Centre (Control Room)


Our Bankers are Standard Chartered, Yaya Centre Branch Nairobi and Co-Operative Bank of Kenya, Parliament Road Branch.
Our terms of payment: Company cheques with a credit period of upto 30 days.


Corporations, Companies, Institutions, Embassies, Government Departments and Individuals.


We have the following insurance policy covers:-

  • Public Liability (General Policy)
    - Ksh. 10,000,000/= General Liability - Any one claim
    - Ksh. 10,000,000/= General Liability - Any one Event
    - Ksh. 100,000,000/= General Liability - Any one period
  • Work Injury Benefits Insurance Policy (WIBA)
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance Cover
  • Burglary
  • ContractualLiability Cover of upto 40,000,000 for any one year with African Merchant Assurance


The Company is liable to compensate fully for any loss or damage to Client’s property if proved that such loss or damage is as a result of negligence of our Guard(s).


Our target performance is 100%, attainable through continuous and regular client consultations aimed at enhancing security and reducing risk


Our Security Personnel are trained on Health, Safety and Environment, Fire fighting skills, Drills, Responses, Rescuing, Surveillance and other exclusive services.


Coordinated efforts with our client to ensure that personnel attending to their security needs are fully compliant with the procedures.


We do installation of Close Circuit TV (CCTV) and all types of Alarms depending on customer needs. 


We have developed close working relations with the Police Department, Local Administration, Local Authorities Enforcement Officers, and other private security companies. Since we are involved in the support of community based projects, we usually establish good relations with the communities living within our areas of operations.


Lavington Security Limited will enter into service provision contract with our customers as the case may be.


In order to realize our goal of ensuring enhanced security for our customers, we undertake the following: Carry out routine random and targeted checks of the customer and any other potential security breaches.  This Modus operandi will eradicate laxity from our surveillance crews and will act as a pre-emptive security measure, which is imperative in all contemporary Security Agencies. 

  • We advise and update our customers on the relevant latest and state of the art security technology they employ on their own private capacity as internal security measures. 
  • We employ as an extraneous security measure the execution of private investigation of any fraudulent activity, loss or damage to customer’s premises especially in cases of complicity of staff in criminal activities.
  • Provide Consultancy services to our customers.  This means taking security feasibility studies or profiling and security risk analysis in those areas as may be requested by our customers.

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More About Us

We pride ourselves in providing a full range of Security Management Services and committed to continually improve the contents and quality. Well qualified and experienced professionals are dedicated for the growth and improvement of the security services.


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Location: Lavington Security House, Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani area

Address: P.O. Box 76283-00508, Yaya Centre, Nairobi.

Phone: 020-3860928 / 020-3860939

Mobile: 0722-455605 / 0722 139212 / 0735 339110


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