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Lavington Security Ltd - Prevention. Protection. Safety.

A Member of Protective Security Industry Association (PSIA)


Lavington Security House,
Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani area,
P.O. Box 76283-00508, YayaCentre, Nairobi.
Tel: 0722 139 212
Hotline: 0722-455605/0722 139212/0735-339110
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.


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Product and Services


We Carry out routine random and targeted checks of the customer and any other potential security breaches. This Modus operandi will eradicate laxity from our surveillance crews and will act as a pre-emptive security measure.



We advise and update our customers on the relevant latest and state of the art security technology they employ on their own private capacity as internal security measures.



We employ as an extraneous security measure the execution of private investigation of any fraudulent activity, loss or damage to customer’s premises especially in cases of complicity of staff in criminal activities.



We Provide Consultancy services to our customers. This means taking security feasibility studies or profiling and security risk analysis in those areas as may be requested by our customers.

About Us

This organization is operated through an extensive network of high profiled security personnel with proven solid management abilities and experience, enabling us to provide effective, efficient and reliable security services to our clients nationwide. The organization is a successful security company, which has gained recognition for specializing in the provision of the following security services: –

Security Guards

– Dog Patrols

– Consultancy on development of customized security services

– Under Cover Operations

– Surveillance of persons and business assets

– VIP personal Escorts and Body guards

– Security survey of premises and Installations

– Escort Services

– Rapid Response Alarms

– Automatic Alarm Systems

It was established following comprehensive analysis, monitoring and development of security services with International and Local experts. In the past years, security requirements for Corporations, Companies, Institutions, Embassies, Government Departments and Individuals have become significantly dynamic. In recognition of this fact, Lavington Security Limited has continued to assess security requirements of existing and potential clients and, developing the organization structure accordingly. Consequently, corporate growth has accelerated with an impressionable list of clients with sustained long-term business relationships.

The organization has continued to upgrade its infrastructure and scope of services to meet the diverse challenges in our business and ensure unrivalled service delivery to our valued customers.


Lavington Security Limited is comprised of over 3,301 very dedicated n highly profiled staff with proven management abilities and experience who endeavor to serve our customers with outmost diligence and efficiency for maximum value of their money

  • Lavington Security limited is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
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